Friends In Christ Private Kindergarten puts your child ahead of the rest. We offer a comprehensive learning experience in a Christ-centered, loving and nurturing environment.

Kindergarten is five days a week from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm and follows the FISD calendar.

Tuition is $595 per month 
Registration fee per child: $100

Annual supply fee per child: $200

COVID Fee: $25 

Fees are due with registration application and are non-refundable

Rates are subject to change

Children must be 5 years old by Sept. 1 to attend Kindergarten

FIC provides snacks, we ask you to provide a healthy lunch for your child

2022-23 Kindergarten Online Application HERE

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Kindergarten Curriculum

Upon completion of our kindergarten program, each child will be academically and socially prepared to enter first grade. Our curriculum consists of an intensive phonics and math program plus the integration of science and social studies into lessons that children can apply to everyday situations.

Language Arts
Our language art curriculum is comprised of Saxon Phonics and Spelling taught in combination with quality literature. The program focuses on the important foundational skills of phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, fluency and handwriting. Saxon is a success-oriented series that allows children to develop a solid foundation in phonics, thus becoming successful readers and spellers by building on prior learning. New material is presented in increments and reviewed throughout the year, providing every child with the exposure needed to achieve success.

With Saxon Math, instruction builds on the foundation of previously learned material, leading students to a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts by using manipulatives and hands-on activities.

Social and Spiritual
Socially, our goal is for each child to know they are loved and accepted while being challenged to meet their full potential. As a Christian school, children learn basic Christian values through example, prayer, Bible stories, songs and weekly Chapel.

By keeping our student to teacher ratio low, students have the opportunity to acquire the academic and social skills needed to excel in public schools.

Meet the Kindergarten Team

Our Kindergarten teacher is Ami Cunningham.  More information coming soon.